brainhall ART PRODUCTION to publish experimental sound shapes as netreleases. In parallel with each netrelease, an object of art is also developed.

brainhall zehn, 2010
Gerhard Zander/Gerald Fiebig: Modul 2
netrelease & art multiple

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Recorded and mixed: Gerhard Zander. Track 7 mixed by Gerald Fiebig.
Andreas Glauser.
art multiple:
Julia Kälin.
Composed and/or performed:
Gerhard Zander/Gerald Fiebig.
www.geraldfiebig.net > Duo Zander/Fiebig.

1| Schwinden
Studio track by Zander, based on Fiebig’s demo for his vocal piece Schwinden (‘to vanish’ or ‘to disappear’). Recorded 3 January, 2009.

2| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 1

Excerpt from duo improvisation using everyday electronics, induction coils and effects. Recorded live in concert at the festival Experimentelle Musik, Munich, 8 December 2007. Edited by Andreas Glauser.
3| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 2
For details see track 2.
4| Bambussprossen
Duo improvisation using no-input mixing boards and effects. ‘Bamboo sprouts’ was chosen as a guiding concept for this improvisation in the manner of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. Recorded live at rehearsal,
Augsburg, 29 March 2009.
5| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 3
For details see track 2.
6| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 4
For details see track 2.
7| Das Geräusch von schmelzendem Eis
This studio composition is based on the signal of a piezo pick-up inside an ice cube recording ‘the sound of ice melting’, recorded by Zander on 9 June, 2007. The source recording was edited, overdubbed several
times and arranged in the stereo field without further treatments by Fiebig. This piece was created for a radio drama competition on climate change organised by Radio Helsinki, Graz (Austria) in 2007 and won the 2nd prize.

audio download 1| Schwinden - mp3
audio download 2| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 1 - mp3
audio download 3| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 2 - mp3
audio download 4| Bambussprossen - mp3
audio download 5| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 3 - mp3
audio download 6| Elektromagnetisches Picknick 4 - mp3
audio download 7| Das Geräusch von schmelzendem Eis - mp3

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